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Distributors of Independent Motion Pictures

We help independent producers find distributors for their completed motion pictures. If you have recently completed a feature film we would like to consider it for possible inclusion in our catalog.

We are especially interested in movies in the following genres: fantasy, science fiction, action, adventure, ghost stories, children's adventure and comedy. We will consider horror if it is really scary. No zombies and no gore. We will look at dramas, however, the market for independent dramas is very difficult right now.

We prefer movies shot on Ultra HD, RED, HD or 35 mm film. We love to see well-known actors in your movies but it is not a requirement.

We can help with both foreign and domestic distribution. We have contacts with thousands of distributors worldwide. We have sold rights to distribute independent films theatrically, on home video (DVD, VCD, Blu-ray) and on broadcast television and cable television, and Internet Video on Demand. We have sold to distributors in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America. (The images along the sides of this webpage are the covers of a few movies we have sold in different countries.) We meet with buyers at the American Film Market and other international markets and trade shows. We remain in contact with distributors all year long and submit new titles to buyers 12 months a year.

Our staff includes a lawyer with 25 years experience, as well as staff members experienced in business, sales and the technical aspects of video mastering. We review every proposed distribution contract and confirm deals with filmmakers BEFORE signing off on them. We are not afraid to haggle with distributors but we will give you a realistic view of what you can expect. We work with you.

You can review our sales representation agreement and the list of materials that we will need to represent your movie below. If you would like us to review your movie for possible representation, please mail a DVD screener to us at:

Inferno Film Productions, LLC
P.O. Box 696
Littleton, CO 80160

Questions? E-mail us at

We review movies all year long and begin presenting them to distributors as soon as we have all materials required. We need to screen your movie now if you want it to be included in our line-up at the American Film Market in November. We must have a movie by August 1st in order to exhibit it at the American Film Market. Sooner is better!

You will need to have all rights to music and footage cleared for worldwide distribution (no festival rights) with appropriate documentation including a music cue sheet. You will need to create a Music & Effects soundtrack (music and effects without dialogue). (Please see the Movie Sales FAQ for a video explaining M&Es.) You will also need to file the copyright for the screenplay and the movie at the US Copyright Office and have "name and likeness" releases from all cast and crew.

You will need to provide a trailer (under 2 min), promotional still photographs of scenes from the movie, and a 8.5x11 inch sell sheet(both printed copies and layered digital art). New laws going to effect in 2014 also require Close Caption files. Please provide these as well.

Inferno Motion Pictures is a registered trade name of Inferno Film Productions, LLC

Copyright 1999-2014 Inferno Film Productions, LLC

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