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The Awakening The Awakening

Daily Motion Coming Soon

Dr. David Andrade must stop his wife's rampage after he treats her cancer with a series of experiments that give her with super strength, speed, and a nasty temperament.

Dragon and the Hawk Dragon and the Hawk

Korean martial arts master comes to U.S. searching for his missing sister and teams up with American police detective, whose sister was recently killed. Together they uncover a world of women chained in dungeons and human experimentation.

Exile       Exile

Daily Motion Coming Soon

Blinded when his spaceship crashes, Jason fights to survive on a desolate, hostile world until he discovers the android, Reyna, who becomes his protector or so he thinks.

The Ethereal Plane Ethereal Plane

Daily Motion Coming Soon

Damon Taylor (Ron Rogell) stumbles upon the most important and dangerous discovery in the history of mankind - a time-altering device from another dimension. Pursued by relentless government-trained assassins, Damon must alter time to stay alive.

Fugue Fugue

A young woman begins to believe her new home is haunted but soon she wonders if the ghosts are in her house... in her mind... or in her past.

Gathering of Heroes: Legend of the Seven Swords Gathering of Heroes

In the mystical realm of Ryntia, forces are aligning to unleash a plague of evil. An Oracle gathers seven heroes to wield the legendary swords of Draconus against them.

Going Back Going Back

Two young men set off to explore the countryside before going away to college. One (Bruce Campbell) finds romance, while the other finds a father figure. Four years later they go back to recapture the feelings of that summer, but find things have changed.

Hannah House Hannah House

Daily Motion Coming Soon

Setting out to start a new life on the prairie, a young couple is terrorized by the evil in their new home. A black and while silent film in the style of a 1910 horror movie.

Mahogany Knots Mahogany Knots

Digital Motion Coming Soon

A free-spirited artist takes a temp job with an uptight businessman and shakes up his stale marriage.

On the Fringe On The Fringe

Daily Motion Coming Soon

Set against the scenic backdrop of a vibrant New England fall, On The Fringe is a story of homecoming and healing that unfolds when Kurt returns to the streets of Garrison Falls, New Hampshire. Traveling for nearly three years after his mother's death, Kurt is back to reconcile with his father Kenneth and brother Elijah.

Shinobigatana Shinobigatana

Coming Soon

Daily Motion Coming Soon

The Shinobigatana (sword of the stealer-in) is a unique and powerful weapon. Its blade ranges from 16 to 22 inches in length and is only roughly sharpened. It has a long handle for improve leverage and a large square hand guard to better protect the Ninja's hands when clashing. Learn the basic techniques of the Shinobigatana in this video.

Terrarium Terrarium

Astronauts wake to terror after crash landing on an alien world.

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