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Distributors of Independent Motion Pictures

We distribute independent movies through a number of channels. We have 18 years at foreign and domestic distribution including 10 years experience as an exhibitor at the American Film Market. A lot changed in that time but we adapted to the changes.

If you have recently completed a feature film we would like to consider it for possible inclusion in our catalog. We will consider any genre that is good quality. Follow this link to find out what elements we need to distribute your movie. You can also download our Standard Distribution Agreement (PDF) and review it in advance.

You will need to have all rights to music and footage cleared for worldwide distribution (no festival rights) with appropriate documentation such as a music license and/or music cue sheet (XLS). If you want foreign distribution, you will need to create a Music & Effects soundtrack (music and effects without dialogue).

For your own protection, you should register the copyright for the screenplay and the movie at the Copyright Office and have "name and likeness" releases from all cast and crew. You can download some generic releases from here.

Questions? E-mail us at

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